Top Shelf Botanicals is passionate about providing the best cannabis products in the industry and ensuring that all of our patients have the best experience while using them. Everyone can have an enjoyable cannabis experience by following the Montana state laws for medical marijuana and the simple tips provided here

Once you have purchased a cannabis product you are responsible for following Montana state laws.

  • It’s illegal to consume cannabis in public areas.
  • It’s illegal to drive while impaired by cannabis.
  • It’s illegal to leave MT with any cannabis products.
  • It’s illegal to give or sell retail cannabis to minors.
  • Keep cannabis products away from children.


  • Do not drive after consuming marijuana.
  • Consuming any amount of marijuana before driving will put you at risk for DUI.
  • Montana open container law makes it illegal to possess marijuana in the passenger area of a vehicle if it’s in an open container with a broken seal, or if there is evidence of consumption.
  • Avoid the risk of breaking the law and store marijuana in your trunk on the way home.
  • Impaired drivers traveling with children present in the vehicle can be charged with child abuse.



If you suffer from chronic pain, MS, HIV, cancer, cachexia, glaucoma, nausea, epilepsy!

We grow with the philosophy that the greatest chefs of the world are only as good as their last plate that was served, and with this mantra at heart, we wake up before sunrise, drink strong coffee, and work until the wee hours to constantly improve and standardize our methods for your consistent repeatable and responsible dosages of our organically soil grown medical grade marijuana.


For the convenience of our patients, we are open Monday through Saturday at all of our locations.

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